Fast Cars, Hot Planes, Space Ships, and Talking Animals.

Baxtrr's Poetry Bytes

Fox In A Box

I think we needn't worry over Lindbergh any more;
It's following its program and the best is still in store.
With little intervention it will cruise the Jovian skies
And beam back reams of bytes for Barb and Beth to analyze.

But down on Earth, dear readers, the situation's dire;
Our hero's in a fox box, and the girl of his desire
Is left upon the tarmac with her tail between her knees
As her ex deals with a skull that's buzzing like a swarm of bees.

The only thing between her and the guy who wants her nabbed
is a pair of blocks tied up with string, that she quickly grabbed.
The lion's dumb and smug, I don't think he realizes
That dealing with a pilot, life's chock full of surprises.

A mystery to ponder on: the smooth young lioness
Who got rid of poor Jenny without rumpling her dress.
An honor code against a damsel in distress? Who knows?
We haven't any data..our mass confusion grows.

We do not know the lions' prides reaction, what they said
About a tiny fox who left a massive lion dead.
It may well be they think he's one of THEM for such a task--
But can you just BELIEVE such massive hubris, may I ask?

The lion's girl is pregnant but I think that's not their aim;
The duel over Jenny seems to be their major game.
The fact she was the one for whom the lion lost his life
Has earned her more attention than the dead guy's not-quite-wife.

It's looking grim, I must admit, an outlook not so nice
(And I was looking forward to deep-dish with extra mice!)
But Scotto's never let us down before, so I'll just say
We're in for quite a ride before the heroes win the day.

So trust me when I say to you that passion and sweet youth
Will overcome old treachery--for that's the Figment's truth!
The mane event is still to come but it'll work out fine--
I may be just a Figment but I'm certainly not a lion.

Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. Don't forget to tip your server.


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