Fast Cars, Hot Planes, Space Ships, and Talking Animals.

Level Head's Poetry Corner

The Lion's Share for Dinner

On a dark airport runway
Cool bird sitting there
Warm smell of burned jet fuel
In Jack's portable lair
Up ahead we see Jenny
Sheís in for one bitter fight.
That lioness took Jack away from her
Seems he went out like a light.
A lion stood in the conn-room
Jack smelled the chloroform
And his last thought, as he swooned
"Iím feeding Lions, or feeding a worm."
The lion picked up a fox-box
And he shoved Jack inside
There were voices coming from his vox
And suddenly he cried

"Welcome to the Lionís Share for dinner
Such a lovely meal (headset: Such a lovely meal)
Weíre gonna watch you squeal
Plenty of diners at Lionís Share for dinner
Weíve a new menu Weíve a new menu
And itís named for you..."

Her mind is Tiffany angry
She's got a bike thatíll scream
She's got a lot of husky, muscled guys
That she calls "Team"
How they chased through the spaceport
Lions became prey
Some now are behind bars
Some did get away

Scobee called up the Air Force
To say "Please shoot down that jet"
His head
Was suddenly impacted by Giraffe--he canít remember that yet.
And still those Lions are hauling Jack far away
Now Galore in the middle of the flight
Just begins to say:

"Welcome to the Lionís Share for dinner"
Such a lovely meal
Iíll explain the deal
They're coming for you and each hopes to be the winner.
This is no surprise
Youíre a Lion-Prize..."

Rich rooms, empty feeling
Pink shampoo for lice?
And 2 said
"You are now in Prisoner-land
As a plot device."
And in the master's boardroom
Theyíve gathered for the feast...

(to be continued...)

--Level Head

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