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Level Head's Poetry Corner

Fox In A Box

I am not quite as sanguine on neglected Lindbergh's fate
As Baxtrr was in his eloquent summary to date.
The probe is at a distance and the situation's new -
I'd hate to stake my life on those conditions. Now, would you?

Poor Jack is getting used to being caged up and confined.
I wouldn't blame him if another mouse-pounce was in mind.
First Scobee's team detained him, as he wasn't leonine
Now once again he's boxed in as each pride declares "he's mine!"

So Fox is in the Box, but still the cat is in the bag:
There's so much that can happen, so it's not yet time to brag.
I do think there's no evidence that Lion prides could care
What Lindy's circumstances are - to them, it isn't there.

But fates (and Scott!) conspire to throw wrinkles into plans
Along with monkey-wrenches (ones designed for primate hands)
Perhaps one team is pridemates of the wealthy lion's paw,
The other from his fiancÚ's side - wounded, sore and raw.

Perhaps they'll go for hours or perhaps they'd make it short
I think these folks are disinclined to take our Jack to court.
It seems that they'd be happier to pick him from their teeth
Despite their lofty status, to a jackal they're beneath.

They didn't kill him outright, though (and so we have a strip!)
Instead they've whacked and packed him, and they're on a little trip.
Though the pride that's in the bizjet seems to have the greater cash,
The other side's still capable of actions rather rash.

The Lion on the ground -- it seems that "Siouxper Swift" he's not.
He has to be told (by his "boss"?) just what it is he's got.
He's shown us he's not clever - and we know that Jenny is
She's engineer and pilot and a problem-solving wiz.

Ms. Curtis is alone, so far; her backup's on its way
So there is little time for lion-dude to have his say.
She's ready to defend herself. If he should even dare
She'll wallop him so hard that he will need another pair.

(You knew that I meant 'goggles', kids - where DO you keep your minds?)
The coming of her friends and team will cancel further binds.
If only for the moment, but they'll need to take to flight.
The bird has flown - they can't afford to let it out of sight.

While on the ground some...stuff... is just about to hit the paddle
But Lion-guy's untroubled. Now why wouldn't he skedaddle?
He's fought with Colonel Scobee, been declared a hostile, too...
But still he stays. I wonder just what's missing from this view?

He seems to think that he's immune to grief that they might bring.
How could that be? Well, money - and that seems the likely thing.
What if he's the dinner's brother? Then he's family, not
It explains why he's above (he thinks) the loftiest Giraffe.
So he's not bright - he's rich instead. Perhaps that does the tricks.
We'll see in next weeks' episodes, in Kellogg's '66.

--Level Head

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