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Level Head's Poetry Corner

Some things have happened while I've been away!
The "Moo" the merrier, it's safe to say.
And Scott is showing more of Jenny's pals:
Those shapely long reticulated gals.
Poor Jenny was fatigued from her long day:
The leggy lasses knew the place to stay.
And thus an order-very tall-was filled;
She'd rest now from her efforts long and skilled.

But rest was interrupted--was it rude?
Their host and hostesses were In The Mood.
They added background noise to lofty flat.
You can't neck quietly with necks like *that*.
It did bring foxes closer in the night,
But RPM's result from "fight or flight".
Bad dreams portray a problem still about:
A future story needs to work that out.

Jack's well aware of treasure that he holds.
We watch as the relationship unfolds.
Her todd fox watched her sleep, then spoke his mind.
But there's a certain tension underlined.

The time will come when both will be awake,
With chance for fear or happiness at stake.
We'll see what sorts of sparks are flying then;
But all of us will root for love to win.

The leggy lucky triangle seems set.
Will they get hitched? Well, *I* would place that bet.
A wedding pic would rate a kilo-word,
Our trio should be Seen as well as Herd.

And so our friends, the Two and Three, advance.
We chuckle at high tech and barnyard dance,
And cheer and chat, and marvel at the pics,
And follow Kellogg's 2066.

--Level Head

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