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That Arrowing Poetry...
The arrows of outrageous punning

Level Head's Poetry Corner

Perhaps it's just imagination
Or resulting from some indignation
But I recently saw
That our Scott did redraw
The ad for B.H. Aviation.

At the old artwork I was amused
And knew viewers just might be confused.
Bali Hai's logo runway?
Arrow pointing "that way"?
How *was* that design being used?

The suggestion did not pass my lips,
Nor gave I innuendoes or tips.
But an arrow did suggest,
Since it pointed south-west,
"Great pilots are trained..." at her HIPS?

What a scandalous thing to broadcast!
What suggestions about Jenny's past!
I know 'twas not intended
For S.K. I've befriended.
When he saw it he redrew it -- fast!

Now the LionKingCMSL
Is a fellow I know very well.
To a scandal allude?
Not that leonine dude.
He'd sooner go straight into Hell.

But he colored for Scott's hand-drawn line,
Bali Hai Aviation's design.
In his innocent smile
Without malice nor guile
Did he ink this most curious sign?

It is likely, as I can now see
That the old art is hard-drive debris.
So a side-by-side pair
Is now beyond compare.
Are you all gonna think it's just me? ;)

Mr. Kellogg, you only will know.
What impelled you to alter the show?
The old art "betrays"
The "arrow" of her ways.
Did you see, and decide it must go?

Now dear artist & playwright & bard,
We hold Jenny in highest regard.
But despite your intent,
I, of humorous bent,
Found suppressing a grin to be -- hard.

-- Level Head

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