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Gneechian Poetry

Welcome to the Hotel in Portmerion

On a long British highway
damp wind in my hair
claps of ominous thunder
still hang in the air
Up ahead in the distance
a big, bouncy ball
What's up with the pallbearer?
And unconscious I fall...

I woke up in my own room
or a facsim'le thereof
outside was wholly other
with choppers up above
It was all very pleasant
but my surroundings caused me strife
a stern guy with an umbrella
welcomed me to my new life...

Welcome to the Hotel in Portmerion
Get your button 'fixed (Get your button 'fixed)
You are Number Six (You are Number Six)
Come to the Green Dome at the Hotel in Portmerion
In case it isn't clear
We Want Information, here...

They play mind games that are twisted
to their nefarious ends
Who is us and who is them?
After a while your mind bends
Stay within proscribed limits
don't try to desert
Or Rover will hand you your _ss
When they call Orange Alert!

So I came up with escape plans
and everyone of them failed
even when I thought I'd won
in the end I was nailed
Even when I got out of The Village and far away
I'd be snatched in the middle of the night
And be back the next day

Welcome to the Hotel in Portmerion
It's for the Good of all
Don't be Un-Mutual
Be Seeing You at the Hotel in PortMerion
When all is said and done
Who is Number One...?

Cameras in the ceiling
and all over the place
We are all just Prisoners here
all we can do is pace
And in the masters' chambers
The ending is such a twist
Who is Number One? Why

Last thing I remember
I was running once more
I got into KAR 120C
and put the gas to the floor
Number Two is in Parliament
I'm such a fool to believe
Even if you are released
You can never leave...

-The Gneech ("Be seeing you!")

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